Software Developer & Architect


About me

As a software professional, I am extending myself to master new technologies, lead projects, architect, design and implment the software systems in mobile, IoT and ML-assisted domains. Dealing with the real-world problems by applying software skill are on my daily basis. Feel free to contact me to explore possibilities. Let's make things possible.


Degree of metrics

have solid EE background and well CS trained to conquer psychical computing.

professional experiences in software technologies in embedded, mobile, and internet and the front edge of AI.

passionate with innovate real things to help our daily life with technologies.

a critical-thinking and problem-solving mindset to tackle unexpected problems.

a cooperative teamplayer and also a insightful team leader.

self-motivated, trustoworthy and open-minded.

Technical Skills

The most complicated skill is to focus.


Architecture, design, development, and test

Python, Java, C, C#, C++, javascript

Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV

Android, iOS, Flutter, Cordova

Git, GitFlow, CI/CD

Scrum/ Agile project management



AWS IOT Device SDK, AWS greengrass

Azure IOT sdk, azure IOT hub

microservices, functions

DevOps, Kubernetes, docker

Danjgo, nodejs

redis, memchached, NoSQL




Renesas RH850 & M3, Yocto Linux



Mechine Learning

CNN, RNN, GAN RL fundmentals

time series data analysis

pattern finding, object recognition


Learning by doing.
2018/9 – 2019/1

Wiess Inc.

Software Director

• full digital cluster for OE automotive by applying Renesas RH850 MCU, and integrated with CAN, Bootloader, I2C, LVDS, Flash, SDRAM

• In-Car Entertainment PoC, brought alive for yotco-based AGL on top of Renesas R-Car M3 SoC, and demonstrated Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Auto

• established software develop process and induced Scrum, acted as the Scrum Master to make development forward.

2018/1 – 2018/8

III Education Center

ML Instructor

• Google AI Bootcamp trainer - designed and delivered AI workshop to train graduates and teachers from Taiwan universities for Google Taiwan.

• conducted AI training for III employee and people who wants to devote themselves in AI field to acquire an AI-related job.

• for training purpose, developed machine learning related hands-on projects, including traffic sign recognition, speech recognition, text predict input, stock prediction and analysis, series data analysis and self driving car.

2008/6 – 2017/12

JMap Inc

R&D Manager

• Business development and managed team of 7 to build various mobile/web apps for Nokia, CHT, FET, Acer, and ITRI.

• Symbian Mobile phone game - BlockGO developed in Symbian C++ and passed Symbian Certification program. This game has 3.5M downloads over 100 countries worldwide.

• Created AWS-hosted Facebook social web game by using Django/Redis to accumate 350K world wide users, created 800K PV per day.

• Applied python/GAE to 均一教育平台 alive from zero to 1000+ users and it became the biggest teaching platform in Taiwan (1.3M+ users). Be a long-term volunteer.

• Developed 12 mobile phone applications by using Qt/QML and being Nokia global top 50 publisher and developed 10+ windows phone applications by using MS C# and LINQ.

• proceeded a inhouse web-based data analysis project for Facebook online apps for the U.S. customer to collect commercial insight from all Facebook applications and games.

• MS-RDP based remote desktop software for android and iOS

• SIP-based video conference/doorbell software development in Android platform similar to

• applied AWS IOT freeRTOS and infared laser sensor to monitor person presented.

• IoT and IFTTT demonstrated based demostrate on various platform: STM32, Intel Edision and Raspberry Pi.

• executed startup idea of Android GPS Tracker overlaying with photo tagging service and being first GPS tracking app in Taiwan.

2005/5 – 2008/5


Application Manager

• Set up and hosted a lab to link with the Nokia testbed for handset communication certification and quick application prototyping.

• Application and services creation – bring various innovating applications to domestic operators.

• set up the media server and converter for Handheld mobile TV pilot project to explore the usability for mobile TV streaming on both server and client side. Developed mobile video surveillance app and Mobile RSS Push products - python crawlers, full-text search algorithm.

• Managed SW/HW in Nokia Mobile Developer lab (20+ servers as server farm) for collaborating with both internal and external developers.

• planned and executed technical training to domestic developers.

2004/4 – 2005/4

Asmobile (ASUS group)

Software Deputy Manager

• acted as the java team leader to manage a software team of 6 engineers.

• conducted JVM testing against various TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit).

2003/2 – 2004/5

Esmertec (Swiss company)

Customer Project Engineer

• Ported and customized the Jbed (KVM) to the customer’s platform for end to end. handled bug reports and fixes in the customer phones.

• Co-work independently with remote engineers in Zurich and London.

• Work closely with customers in their premises.

1999/1 – 2003/1

Institude of Information Industry, III

DSP Firmware Engineer

• Designed and ported SIP application to Microsoft’s Pocket PC, embedded version of Microsoft Windows.

• Audio codec driver programming in both Pocket PC and Linux. Maintained TCP/IP stack on RTOS.

• Designed DSP Audio to manage codec, echo cancellation, noise control, jitter and delay issues.

• Recognize as III best employee of year 2001.

• acted as a leader to compete Java Programming Competition and received the first prize award.

• Demonstrated a innovative home automation system to control appliances via voice command and from the mobile phone.

• Seamlessly integrated different application with MQ services and demonstrated an innovating message queue service for pub/sub information retrieval, which is the same as AMPQS today.


The key to opportunities.
1996 – 1998

National Cheng Kung University

Master, Institute of Manufacturing Information and System

Tainan, Taiwan

Specialties: information system design, supply chain, object-oriented technology, and CORBA/MQ Dissertation, “Development of a Collaborative and Event-Driven Supply Chain Information System Using Mobile Object Technology”, is recognized in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 1999

1992 – 1996

National Chiao Tung University

Bachelor, Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Specialties: DSP programming, control algorithm, embedded system design, and RTOS application development.


Be excellent!

App Developer

2010 Received Nokia Global Top 100 Publisher

2008 First Taiwanese weather app in Android Store

Competition Winner

2002 Taiwan Java Programming Contest – First Prize in J2EE technology (1 out of 100+ team)

2008 Yahoo Open Hack Day - 2nd prize

2007 Google Android Developer Competition – Top 25%

Academic Award

1999 IEEE ICRA’99 Kayamori Best Paper Award – “Development of a Collaborative and Event-Driven Supply Chain Information System Using Mobile Object Technology”

Technology Advocator

2018 Google AI Bootcamp trainer

2016 PyconTW speaker

2008 Microsoft TechEd Speaker

2003 Sun JavaTwo Speaker

Professional Certificates

2018 Amazon certified AWS Solution Architect Associate

2002 Sun Certificated Enterprise Architect

2002 Sun Certified Java Programmer and Developer

Education Volunteer

2012 Assisted Junyi Academy online, which is now the largest non-profit online STEM learning site in Taiwan.


Customer first